Project Objective:

Standing before the iconic architecture of 100 McCaul, one can imagine the vast potential for the large, arguably blank canvas that the expansive glass panels offer to a glass artist. As designers, it was our charge to satisfy this exploration, with the only project constraint being the need to work within the frame of the existing layout/fittings of the glass panels. 

Solo Project, 3 Weeks
OCADU: Bold architecture at100 McCaul in Toronto, Canada.
A Unique Architectural Glass Design Proposal...
This expressive digital painting became the focal point of the window design. It is intended to exude creativity, energy and rhythm, and inject some much-needed colour and life into the atrium of the iconic art school.
This is about creating an experience - one that is demonstrative of the brilliant creative minds that passionately churn within this iconic downtown architecture. 
I felt that, in order to do this project justice, it was imperative to unify the window façade with the university's extension - the floating "digital cloud".

I extended the digital cloud's aesthetic into the interior of the building by creating "Data Upload” installations, which would conceptually tie the window and interior to the school's prominent extension and inject the space with energy. 
These installations would be created from thin, lightweight glass squares of hand casted glass, each measuring from four-to-six inches. They would be of assorted textures and lusters, all strung up vertically to dangle at various lengths from the ceiling -  like delicate swarms of information.

Currents in the room would create gentle movement of the glass bits; inspiring soft, refracted light and kinetic energy to play overhead and across the entrance way.
The inteniton is not to turn the school's foyer into a raging discotheque - I mean, I'm personally all about it, but I do appreciate the "extra"-ness of such a proposal. As such, only a small percentage of the glass bits would refract light in the space.
Vibrant colour from the window's treatment would dance across the floor and imbue the room with warmth - courtesy of the diffuse, natural light that pours through the expansive window - offering a whimsical greeting to all who cross into this nexus of bountiful creation. 

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