Oh, Hi! I'm Isla. 

I have just completed my Bachelor of Industrial Design, with distinction, at OCAD U in Toronto, Canada.

As a mature student, I have tried on quite a few different hats in life and have gained invaluable experience and skills with every new fit. As a   multidisciplinary designer, I find passion on the journey for solutions to all of life's "problems," big and small.

I believe that the details speak volumes.
I see inspiration everywhere. As I move through life,
I find myself pausing for the small moments as they often yield large returns and open new worlds of creativity and fresh perspectives. 
As a life-long learner, I am passionately curious about life, people and the world around me.
This is how I see the world.

There are beautiful connections all around us if we choose to see them. My dynamic outlook in life motivates me to produce work that reflects my dedication and joy. 

Design is a superpower. 
Our ability to develop and share experiences - to express ideas and new concepts through all of the senses - is an exhilarating endeavor, and if we can use this to better the world and the lives of those around us? That's a life well lived - and our duty as designers.
Superposition Perspective.

Eg: History exam cheat sheets are best served doodle-y. 

I am a life-long learner and a highly resourceful, non-linear thinker. I strive for open-minded play and address stubborn hurdles with optimistic diligence.
I embrace failure as growth as I explore all options en route to the solution.
A Way Out of Every Box.

I may not always have the obvious tool on hand, but with dedication, optimistic realism, lateral thought and fearless exploration - and maybe some elbow grease - the answers will come.

Outgoing. Hardworking. Not afraid to explore paths unknown (with the right safety gear, naturally.)

Work Hard; Play Always. 
Check out my Instagrams: @sketchy_nightingale @islaview

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