For many of us, the lockdown provided ample opportunity to pursue interests that perhaps we would not have made time for in "the before times". I've always been curious about animation - what a total superpower - to give life to the imagination so completely! Wowzers. 

I have only just begun to explore the world of animation and am excited to develop this skill further.
Welcome to Hugh Manatee's Gym and Kelp Bar
The Vanity Insanity Manatee himself: It's Hugh!

"Gym owner - never gym moaner, my brus*."

As just a wee calf, Hugh was abandoned by his herd for being too scrawny... But don't cry, 'cause that didn't sink him! He was able to rise above his troubled calfhood with the help of generous folk of all shapes, sizes and species along his journey. This diverse influence has shaped him into becoming the kindest, most supportive and dedicated coach and pal to any creature who is willing to show up and get real in touch with their inner and outer health and wellness.

Hugh believes that every challenge is worth facing snoot-on, and is focused on gettin' super pumped with empathy-informed training. After all...   

"The heart's the most important muscle of all, my Brus... 
No point in looking rad if you don't feel rad!"
"Oh hey! Check out my rad, oceanside gym... Grab a kelp smoothie on the house! Totally loaded with killer-healthy antioxidants!"
"Whoooa-nooo... New smoothie flav is totes not rad buds. Bummer, plus tax."
Scoots Squatalopod (they/them)

"But my buds call me "The Rocktopus!" "
Starla Molé (The blind star-nosed mole gym rat, she/her) 

"You don't need sight to feel the burn!"

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